The Seven Notes

The Seven Notes Milani


Its story is related to the family, wisdom and culture of a profession that has been evolving and developing over the years. No school or any other learning methodology can compete with the years spent on it and the transition from father to son for creating such a unique and special roasting style.


The heart is pure love. Having the product at the heart, following it, cuddling it, getting passionate by seeing it grow. A passion that arises spontaneously in people and that is not for sale: either you have it or you will never have it.
The heart that Milani has always had for coffee.


We do believe that our strength as well as our determination can be found in our coffee. It is the energy that has been used in all these past years by Milani to reach certain goals and it is the one that will serve to continue on this path in the coming years. The courage to go ahead.


The soul of the coffe is its essence, something that goes beyond the grain.
It is the emotion it evokes,its enrapturing aroma, it is that element which transforms the coffee-cup in a particular experience. We have always wanted to respect the most profound soul of coffee.


We have never been afraid of new ideas. Indeed we have welcome them and often sought them. Because the ideas can change the world. Ideas to follow and sometimes to anticipate our customers’ taste, to ride the new technologies by respecting the past and choosing the best from the future.


Harmony is all in a blend: it is the perfect combination of strength and softness, as well as balance in life. Balancing is a difficult art that Milani was able to learn and to administer wisely. To be in harmony with its customers at all times.


A coffee with character has a distinct personality that makes it stand out from the others. Each Milani blend has a different character of its own. It is also appreciated for that. Because coffee is like a friend, unique and irreplaceable and able to give you the right thing at the right time.


The energy and courage that we have put in our work in these 80 years of activity will be our driving force to continue in this direction in the future.