The aromas of Caffè Milani at Hotelex Guangzhou, China

The aromas of Caffè Milani at Hotelex Guangzhou, China

Caffè Milani brings the Italian coffee culture to China with its vast stand at Hotelex, a Chinese fair dedicated to hospitality operators, Scheduled to 12-14 of December in Guangzhou, northeast of Hong Kong.

In this event we are positioned next to the PCA – Professional Coffee Athletics. At their stand 2 days of animation are scheduled, including: beautiful milk Art Decorations and some coffee-based cocktails. Identifying the Lipomo Roasting stand at the exhibition is easy thanks to the reproduction of a huge cup with the Caffè Milani logo, which contains inside it different blend packages and also the single origin line-Puro. At the long counter, it is possible for all visitors to enjoy a tasty Espresso, choosing from the Gran Espresso and Gran Aroma blends. A second station will let you experience and follow the preparation process of the filter extraction with various methods and a coffee from the Puro line, specifically roasted in order to offer a pleasant drink, rich with aromas created in the brewing method. In the last twenty years, thanks to economic growth and the influence of globalization that brings new consumption habits, China is discovering and more appreciating coffee, especially in large urban centers, where an annual per capita consumption of 20 cups is estimated (the average of this enormous country is 4).

Let’s take a closer look at the products offered by Caffè Milani at Hotelex. There are two blends for the traditional bar area: Gran Espresso, in 1 kilo tin, created specifically for the Asian market. In the cup it offers subtle notes of honey and citrus fruits, strong hints of dried fruit (hazelnut and walnut), the spiciness of liquorice and toasted flavor with malt, amaretti and cocoa. It has obtained the certification of Certified Italian Espresso product and was awarded with the gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting 2012.

Gran Aroma, in a 1 kilo bag, is a blend that offers in the cup an espresso with a sweet and delicate flavor and a balanced presence of bitterness, acidity and sweetness. it obtained the certification of a” Certified Italian Espresso product” and the gold medal at the 2014 International Coffee Tasting. The unique coffee flavors from different origin countries are the protagonists in the area dedicated to filter extractions. There are three references of the Puro line in packages of 200 grams specially toasted for the filter: Brazil Santos Cereja Madura, characterized by great harmony between aroma and taste, with a delicate aroma, light acidity and sweet taste; Ethiopia Sidamo, with an intense and spicy aroma notes of rum, chocolate and tropical fruit; at last Guatemala Genuine Antigua, which offers a mix of sweet and fruity notes, an envelopong taste and a delicate fragrance.

Finally, the resale area, with some products that the bartenders can make available to their customers, to create tasty extractions even at home, in 42 grams formats, cans of 125 grams of roasted and ground coffee for filter and Nespresso compatible capsules; all available in the three references Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala of the Puro line. The Coffees are combined with cups with lids, designed to identify the single origin that is being tasted and to preserve the heat of the drink better and longer, decorated with the coffee colors: yellow for Brazil, orange for Ethiopia and blue for Guatemala.

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