Since 1937, one central theme: Superior quality Coffee
Since 1937, a steady interest: Excellent Customer Care
Since 1937, a constant focus: Continuous Innovation

A remarkable history that stresses the importance of tradition, guiding us towards a future of modern entrepreneurial, technological and productive approaches, and of constant and endless evolution.

Caffè Milani

The History

In the historic centre of Como, it was impossible to resist the charming aroma of coffee coming from that door. It was 1937 and that door was the entrance of the small coffee bar and workshop where Celestino Milani was producing high-quality coffee with a small coffee roasting machine. In the years that follow the Milani unique coffee taste attracted local residents of the enchanting and picturesque Como Lake, who soon began to come at the coffee bar on a daily basis for a pleasant break. It also became a “must” destination for tourists passing by and seeking for a good Italian-style coffee.
The reasons for such a success? Simply Celestino’s endless passion which was expressed through the accurate selection of the finest varieties of coffee, imported directly from theirs places of origin; through the meticulous attention of roasting and, of course, through the skillful blending.
Celestino Milani therefore became a true ``Master Roaster``, one of the most attentive and capable of his time.
This endless passion inevitably involved his youngest son, Pierluigi.
He taught him the secrets of roasting and the recipes of the blends: a precious treasure that has been kept and updated jealously to the present days.
Pierluigi Milani, in the following years, continued to transfer into the company , nowdays located in Lipomo, the extreme attention to the production process that his father had taught him.

And the story continues...