Espresso System Milani, our new proposal tailor-made for HoReCa

Espresso System Milani, our new proposal tailor-made for HoReCa

We are always at the forefront to promote the culture and practice of good coffee for this reason we propose an innovative system for the HoReCa, thought to realize a high-quality Espresso coffee, in a simple manner, avoding waste.


“This is Espresso System Milani, a global solution designed specifically for restaurants, ice-cream parlors, pastry shops, bars and hotels. It is a complete package for public places with a low-volume service, that gives the chance to choice between different types of coffee and combines practical and easy-to-use coffee machines.”



The essence of our “package” is the Espresso System Milani blend with a pleasantly balanced and aromatic taste, topped with a persistent cream. It is available in the form of coffee beans contained in 1.000 g tins or in capsules, single or double dose. Both packs are extremely practical and preserve coffee aroma for a long time; the final result is, always, a perfect Espresso.


In order to satisfy the growing range of customer tastes, Caffè Milani has combined blend with single-origin coffees 100% Arabica. The four proposals available in capsules are: Brazil Santos Cereja Madura with a delicate aroma, a slight acidity and a sweet taste; Ethiopia Sidamo,  full-bodied with a very intense fragrance and distinct spicy notes with hints of rum, chocolate and tropical fruit; Papua Estate Plantation with delicate fragrance and a balanced and fruity aroma; Guatemala Genuine Antigua, full-bodied, sweet and fruity with a distinct acidity.

You can’t miss Cuoril, the decaffeinated coffee with the heart, again in capsule.


The operator who chooses for his enterprise, the Espresso System Milani, receives a timely technical assistance, a wide range of professional training courses for his staff, an efficient order and distribution system.


We guarantee the success of your public place with Espresso System Milani.



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