Certified shops


Espresso is certainly one of the symbols of Italian culture and creativity abroad, yet sometimes it can be devalued by wrong preparations that cause outrage among consumers, rather than offering moments of pure pleasure.

For this reason, since 1998, the Italian Espresso National Institute, of which Caffè Milani is a founding member, has been committed to safeguarding quality espresso, consisting of 25 millilitres of coffee, adorned with a thick hazel-coloured cream tending towards dark brown, and filled with floral and fruity notes and hints of chocolate and toasted bread. The goal of defending Italian Espresso is made possible through a certification recognised by CSQA (compliance certificate number 214 of 24 September 1999, DTP 008 ed. 1), which envisages the exclusive use of certified blends, qualified coffee machines and grinder-dosers and authorised operators, i.e. who have attended specific training courses.

These are the three basic conditions that a coffee bar must meet in order to serve Certified Italian Espresso.