Our coffee has been chosen to represent Forte Village Resort’s quality

Our coffee has been chosen to represent Forte Village Resort’s quality

In the numerous coffee shops, restaurants and hotels of the Sardinian complex Resort, which for the past 18 years holds the title of the World’s Leading Resort, the excellent quality of coffee is represented by our blends and single-origins, distributed in Sardinia by Altogusto, a company monitored by us.

Nature, elegance, charm, facilities with special attention to details and a range of unique services for variety and quality, make Forte Village Resort a masterpiece of hospitality worldwide. In this oasis set in a wonderful surrounding on the crystalline sea of Sardinia, in Pula (Cagliari). Luxury, relaxation and excellent food are rooted in the evocative power of “Made in Italy”.

The complex can be defined as a mosaic of excellence, in which every guest can select the pieces that best identify his desire for comfort and well-being. Among these, since the opening in April, the word “caffè” corresponds to our brand.

The aroma of Espresso System Milani Blend, creates an espresso with a pleasantly balanced and aromatic taste in the cup, which you can find in the breakfast rooms, coffee bars and restaurants of the 8, 4 and 5 star hotels, as well as in the 21 restaurants and in the 14 coffee bars distributed at strategic points of the Resort while those who desire the taste of coffee without caffeine can have the decaffeinated Cuoril.

At the restaurants and in the 40 most prestigious suites of the Forte Village it is possible, thanks to the coffee menu, to obtain “The perfect taste for the perfect day” with which to conclude your lunch or dinner or enjoy a “tailor-made” coffee break within the suite in every moment you desire, choosing your favorite taste from a practical capsule box.

Guests will be able to enjoy at any moment the aroma of the best selected and carefully roasted coffees, always fresh delivered, prepared and served with care by a team trained by the staff of Altogusto. That is why for many guests it will be a pleasant discovery the different tastes of our coffees in single origin coffee from different parts of the world, each one with its own special aroma and “personality”, to be enjoyed peacefully, like a good meditation wine.

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