India Monsoon Malabar


A pack of 190g.

Single-origin 100% Arabica India is recognized by its full body and spicy aroma.

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A pack of 190g.

A cup of coffee is never just a cup of coffee. It is an opportunity to explore and savor a universe of fascinating places, engaging stories, and people performing wise deeds. Experienced hands carefully select each bean and attend to, with rigor and passion, every detail of the processing to serve a signature coffee.

Elisir D’Aroma, our new line, will take you on an extraordinary sensory adventure.

Winds and monsoon rains play a key role in the aromatic determination of India Monsoon Malabar monsoon. Between 1,100-1,200 meters above sea level develops a full-bodied coffee with a spicy aroma in which there are clear hints of dried fruit, sweet notes of pastry and slight but pleasant hints of wood.

In the back of this package is a QR code , which when scanned, will allow you to take a journey during the coffee brewing process. In fact, a narrative voice will guide you and tell you about the country of origin, culture, geography, and organoleptic characteristics found in the cup.

The aromatic notes in this blend are:

  • black pepper
  • Dried Fruit
  • butter
  • wood