Puro Etiopia Sidamo

Single-origin ground coffee. 125 g coffee tin

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Puro, for connoisseurs.
There are times when even the best coffee blend is not enough. You fancy tasting something different, special, very personal. In those moments, coffee is no longer just coffee. It is an experience of the senses. Those are the right moments to choose Puro.
Puro is a project intended for the most discerning and sensitive customers who want a niche proposal for sophisticated, gourmet palates. The Puro line includes a selection of renowned, fine and exclusive single-origin coffees 100% Arabica, which allow you to fully experience the sensory varieties of coffee.
Ethiopia is the origin country of coffee, in fact the word coffee comes from Kaffa, a region of the country. Legend has it that the coffee plant was discovered there by some shepherds, who became curious after seeing that their goats became more agile and alert after eating the berries of a plant, more precisely a coffee plant.
SIDAMO, grown at about 2,000 metres above sea level, is the most precious and rarest among the Arabica coffees of this country.
This coffee is full-bodied with a very intense fragrance and distinct spicy notes with hints of rum, chocolate and tropical fruit. It is one of the rare coffees that has almost no acidity.
Its vigorous aroma makes it ideal as a morning coffee in order to recharge.
This single-origin coffee was awarded the gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting 2006.

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