Puro Guatemala Genuine Antigua

Single-origin 100% Arabica coffee. Coffee tin with 12 capsules.

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Caffè Milani selects the finest Arabica coffee origins and roasts these varieties in small batches, following a genuine artisan-like approach, and avoids blending them together to maintain and enhance the distinctive features of these extraordinary coffees. This is how the Puro line was born, a selection of single-origin coffee 100% Arabica, with unique and distinctive qualities, which allow you to travel in the Sensorial variety of coffee.
This line also includes the capsules (compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines), small treasures hidden in treasure chests.
GUATEMALA GENUINE ANTIGUA is the most famous coffee of Central America. It is named after the region where it is grown, Antigua, at about 1.500/1.800 metres above sea level. Here most of the processing is still done by hand, according to traditional methods.
It is one of the most complex and structured qualities, with a rich range of aromas that combine sweetness, body and acidity with a strong and memorable taste. A sweet, fruity coffee, full-bodied and with a distinct acidity. Its most prominent feature is the way in which all these elements come together harmoniously.
Its delicate fragrance makes it ideal to be enjoyed during mid-morning breaks or afternoon breaks.
The Nespresso® brand is not owned by Milani S.p.A., nor by companies affiliated to it.

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