Papua New Guinea


A tin of 125 g.

The single-origin 100% Arabica Papua gives a delicate fragrance and silky body.

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A tin of 125 g.

There are times when even the best blend of coffee is not enough. Taste demands something different and special. In those moments, coffee is an experience of the senses. These are the right times to choose Milani’s Pure.

A gourmet proposal, for refined and niche palates, which includes a selection of renowned, sought-after and exclusive single-origin 100% Arabica coffees that allow you to travel through the sensory variety of coffee.

Papua Estate Plantation coffee is a pleasant discovery dating back several decades. It is produced in small fazende located within almost inaccessible forests at an altitude of about 1,500 meters.

This single-origin gives a delicate fragrance and silky body. The slight but present acidity gives way to very fresh floral scents and hints of summer fruit.

The aromatic notes in this blend are:

  • Flowers
  • Peach
  • Dried Fruit
  • Caramel