Training center

Altascuola Coffee Training is the training center for coffee-specialists and coffee-lovers.

Quality and excellent service are the starting points for the success.

Altascuola Coffee Training, Iiac Academy since May 2019, was born more than 20 years ago for develop complete and advanced training system with theoretical and practical courses, focused on the most topical issues of professional qualification.

The system includes a wide range of courses Professional Bar Tenders and coffee-lovers like: IIAC courses (International Institute of Coffee Tasters),SCA courses (Specialty Coffee Association), technical and practical courses and on-site training initiatives.

Altascuola Coffee Training ensures the highest quality education and teaching thanks to Qualified Teachers, Trainers and Educators. At the end of the courses sessions Altascuola Coffee Training issues certificates of participation recognized by all the prestigious associations .

Today Altascuola Coffee Training has 4 locations: Lipomo (Como), Milan, Sassari and Cagliari.

Courses calendar

A journey into the coffee’s world

A course where discover the coffee supply chain.

Tasting course

A tasting lesson for learn the aromatic notes of our blends and single origins.

Taster's license

A course to became a coffee taster organized. In partnership with IIAC.

Italian espresso specialist

Un viaggio storico, antropologico e tecnologico attraverso l’espresso italiano. In partnership con IEI.

Espresso and cappuccino

A practical lesson to learn how make a perfect espresso and a perfect italian cappuccino.

Latte art – first level

A course where learn how to decorate cappuccino with latte art techniques.

Latte art – second level

A course where learn advanced techniques of latte art.


An interesting course where discover different ways of making filter coffee.

Coffee recipes

A lesson to learn how use coffee in order to create original sweet or savory recipes.

Journey into the world of coffee

A seminar to discover coffee from the bean to the cup. Dedicated to HoReCa professionals and coffee-lovers.

Tasting course

A tasting lesson to discover and deepen the sensory characteristics of
blends and single origins. Dedicated to HoReCa professionals and coffee-lovers.

Taster license

A course to become a coffee tasters and find out how one of the most popular drinks in the world is evaluated. In partnership with IIAC. Dedicated to HoReCa professionals.

Italian Espresso Specialist

A historical, anthropological and technological journey through Italian espresso, in partnership with IEI. Dedicated to HoReCa professionals.

Espresso and Cappuccino from Altascuola

The course introduces the world of the cafeteria with an operational approach. Dedicated to HoReCa professionals.

Latte Art - First Level

The course is aimed at explaining the Latte Art technique through practical demonstrations and exercises. Dedicated to HoReCa professionals.

Latte Art - Second Level

The course, through practical exercises, specializes in the Latte Art technique. Dedicated to HoReCa professionals.


The course introduces the fascinating world of alternative systems to espresso. Dedicated to HoReCa professionals and coffee-lovers.

Coffee recipes

The course to create unpublished and original proposals for cafeteria and recipes. Dedicated to HoReCa professionals.