Where we are

Here the main places where buy and taste an excellent Caffè Milani.

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Official dealers in the world

Coffee is one of the symbols of Made in Italy and we choose only the best retailers to bring our italian aroma in the world.


Caffè & Caffè shops by Caffè Milani are the expression of our love for coffee.
Here the mood is young and dynamic and the coffee-shops are characterized by an innovative architectural style, a modern design and warm and welcoming furnishings.
Caffè & Caffè is expression of quality, dedication and passion for the world of coffee.
In Caffè&Caffè all the bestcoffee origins find their home and all the coffeelovers can enjoy with various preparation methods like moka, espresso, american and filter coffee.

La Rinascente

We have a wide range of products available in all italian shops for true coffee connoisseurs. You can choose between coffee beans or ground coffee, best blends or single-origin coffees: each of this product has a specific sensory feature for a unique taste experience.

Mass Retail Channel

We have selected some stores and supermarkets where you can buy our products, from beans to ground coffee, pods and compatible capsules, in order to guarantee you the irresistible aroma of our coffee also at home.